Statement in English

A CO2 neutral i.e. sustainable energy supply is feasible 

We are an initiative of engineers intending outline to the public that a de-fossilization in general and an exit from coal-generated electricity is technically feasible as well as economically advisable.

An ever growing part of society supports the Fridays for Future movement in their quest for a livable future.

In our point of view, there is no need to wait for hypothetic technology laps, as is being claimed during various political and public debates.

Technologies for regenerative energy generation like e.g. solar and wind plants are well known and merely need further deployment and installation.

And yes indeed, technologies for interim storage of excessive renewables for secure energy supply during absence of sunlight or wind are available as we speak as well and have found their way into pilot projects or first- time applications. To name just a few, battery packs and pumped-storage plants are used for short- and mid-term storage, while thermal and kyrogene as well as P2X technologies are available for longer-term storage.

So it's all there -  waiting for supportive and reliable political and legal framework for investors, companies and, above all, society. Because that's what aforementioned technologies for green energy generation and storage need to be further expanded and deployed for their perfecting by practice.

What's more, we see that such expansion and perfecting of renewables technology would create ample opportunity for highly-skilled employment, technological competiveness, reduced energy cost and independence of fossil imports.

As Engineers4Future, we intend to further support climate reversal by describing available renewables technologies, listing pilot projects and by networking between all involved and interested